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The EWG recently concluded that over half of the 500 sunscreens they tried, didn't have the amount of protection promised or needed from the advertised SPF 30 and higher. What you need to know about your sunscreen and sunblock before heading out to the beach this summer?
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Starting Your Own Organic Garden

Many consumers and homeowners today are taking initiative and beginning to start their own organic garden. Planting and maintaining an organic garden can be a rewarding, as well a delicious experience.
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Caring for your yard can be more than pure labor - it can be an expression of yourself, a never ending art project. You can embrace new trends to spice up the patio furniture. You can get imaginative with household items to create decorative and pragmatic additions to the porch. You can even build homes for the critters that grace your garden with daily visits. The best thing is, we can reuse and recycle to completely re-think the backyard.
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Greening Your Baby's Nursery

From the moment we find out we're becoming parents, there's nothing we want more than the very best for the child that will be coming into our lives. What better way to ensure this than to start your baby's life right with a healthy and toxin free environment?
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Keep your Garden Tools Clean

Christy Wilhelmi of Gardenerd shows you the simple and easy (and most efficient) way to clean your garden tools.

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  • DROP Portable Eco-Hotel Goes Anywhere
    The DROP portable Eco-Hotel is an environmentally friendly package that lets guests stay in upscale accommodations with very little impact on the land The post DROP Portable Eco-Hotel Goes Anywhere appeared first on Green Building Elements....
  • Rebuild Old Wooden Windows, Don’t Replace Them
    if you have old wooden windows in your house, spend less to rebuild them instead of replacing them with newer windows only designed to last 10 -15 years. The post Rebuild Old Wooden Windows, Don’t Replace Them appeared first on...


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  • The Best Earth-Friendly Beauty Products
    One of the hottest trends in beauty right now is going green. No, we aren’t talking about that new shade of emerald green eye shadow, but about ditching all those toxic products for eco-friendly and plant-based items, instead. As you...
  • Earthing: Scientifically Proven Or Hippie Nonsense?
    Have you heard about earthing? Depending who you ask, it's either a treatment for all that ails you or more useless hippie nonsense in the vein of tinfoil hats and "climate change". There's nothing I enjoy more than some good...


  • Why you need to prune your plants
    "And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days...". When I mentioned this exuberant quote from James Russell Lowell to some friends, I was met with blank looks. Apparently, they'd never studied Lowell's poem...
  • 7 fence etiquette questions to ask before you build
    Border disputes have been the trigger for many a ferocious battle among nations. And installing a fence has, unfortunately, soured many a previously friendly relationship between neighbors, or heated up an existing cold war to the boiling point. Before you go...

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