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Certain ingredients that we carry right in our own refrigerators and cabinets are more organic and can help us to suppress those coughs, clear our noses up and help boost our immune systems to fight against present bacteria.
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Since good old vinegar is acid-based and a product of fermentation - it has become a tool for environmental cleaning everywhere. The acids in vinegar can break down any type of bacteria, mold, and even tough grease. Here are some ways to carefully use vinegar as a cleaner and pesticide without harming your garden or home.
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Planning your next vacation? And this time you want to ensure that you do so in an eco friendly way. So here are 10 tips on how you can travel 'green' and make sure that you do not leave a sizable carbon footprint while you tread the Earth.
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It is always important to have a variety of colors in your home, but choosing the right color scheme to create harmony between the colors can be a daunting task. Here are some tricks and helpful guidelines that will make it so simple for you to create the perfect color balance in your space.
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weecantoo paints.jpg

Organic Baby Paints

Just stumbled upon this adorable product to encourage your kiddies to be creative! It's edible finger paints made out of organic products - so your baby and toddler can create their very own masterpiece! The company is called Wee Can Too!

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    While a girl attending Miss Fine’s School in Princeton, N.J., Rachel “Bunny” Mellon built wee gardens in wooden boxes complete with stone steps and faux topiary. She read exhaustively on the topic of horticulture and visited gardens in America,...
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    The sun is shining and it's finally time to start your seedlings for your garden if you haven't already. You want to get things going as soon as possible so you can transplant and start enjoying your own home-grown...

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