Why Wasps Are Attracted to Your Home in Malaysia?

Although you may not be thrilled with the idea of sharing your home with wasps, you may be surprised to learn that there is more to these creatures than just their ability to sting.

In fact, wasps play a vital role in many environments where they are found. For example, many species of wasps pollinate the plants on which they feed.

In other words, without wasps, there might be a lot fewer blueberries or other tasty fruits for us to eat! On the other hand, the wasps that are attracted to your home may be a bit more intimidating.

Why is that?

In this post, you’ll find out why wasps are attracted to your home.

Wasps are attracted to food

A wasps nest can be a terrifying thing to come across, as the insects appear threatening and aggressive. But, wasps are not out to attack people, they are generally only looking for food and shelter. Wasps are scavengers, and they get their name from the fact that they feed on flesh and other living or dead animal matter. They also eat fruit, nectar and other insects. Since the wasps are not picky when it comes to food, they are attracted to the aromas from a wide variety of sources including garbage, dog dishes, and other animals along with the food on your picnic table.

Many people believe wasps are attracted to food, but it is actually the smell of the food that attracts them, and not the actual food itself.

These smells are either produced from the food itself or from the scents that are produced when cooking the food. The wasps are then drawn to the food source, where they hope to find a suitable place to build a nest. A wasp nest is built for the sole purpose of raising wasp young.

Wasps are attracted to garbage

You’ve probably heard that wasps are attracted to garbage. But did you know that they are also attracted to many other household odors, including food waste that can decompose in your garbage can; pet food and pet odors such as urine; and cadaverine, a decomposition product of animal tissue.

You may not be able to control everything that enters your home, but you can reduce the attractive odors in your garbage or other household smells to keep wasps from bothering you.

Wasps are attracted to perfumes

Wasps are attracted to perfumes Until recently, scientists did not know why wasps seem to be attracted to human-made perfumes. But a recent study found the answer. The researchers put a drop of vanilla on a piece of Plexiglas and placed a wasp on the glass. The wasp walked around the vanilla drop for a few minutes, then flew away. It came back, though, and repeatedly walked around the spot where the vanilla had been. The researchers repeated the experiment, this time placing the vanilla on a piece of paper towel.

They found that the wasps were still attracted to the scent. But the wasps were even more interested in the scent.

Final words

We get questions from homeowners who want help finding out “why wasps are attracted to your home”.  We won’t go so far as to say that wasps don’t want to live in your home (they do live in nests and they are looking for food and shelter). However, we can tell you that there are some things you can do to keep wasps away from your home. Here are some pest control tips to help you out.

If you have any questions about why wasps are attracted to your home, please feel free to comment below!

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