How Rodents Get Into Homes in Malaysia

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This may sound very much disgusting but the fact is that rodents might be there in your house living for free and feeding on your leftover. No the fact that they are there is not disgusting but the thing is that their presence can cause a lot of health problems for the residents. Rodents are responsible for a lot of diseases for humans and this is the reason why no one wants to keep them at home. So, if you didn’t invite the rodents at home how did they end up there? Well, let us try to find out how these rodents enter Malaysian households.

But before that let us try to understand why rodents are big trouble for Malaysian houses.

Facts About Rodents

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  • Rodents are known to be found in dirty areas, such as severe, drainage human wastes. They carry those viruses and bad bacteria with them. Having them in your normal household does not look like a great idea. These cause more than 30 diseases, they are more like a carrier for these diseases.
  • Health is not the only thing. These rodents have an ever-growing front tooth, they grow non-stop and the only way to stop it from growing is by rubbing them. And to do this you might find one chewing your clothes or any wire. Although this is their compulsion still this harms us in a long run.
  • Also many has a phobia for rodents as they are not completely harmless, they can cause physical harm to any human.
  • These are a few things that are a point to worry when it comes to rodents in houses. So now let us come to the point as to how to these rodents make their ways to the Malaysian houses.

How Rodents Get into Malaysian houses

  • Pipes

As now we know rodents are very close to sewer and such areas, it is easier to understand and how they get inside the houses of Malaysia. The pipes that might be directed from washrooms and other such areas, they have higher chances of acting like a path for these rats and mice.

  • Broken walls 

Sometimes there are small holes in the walls, these holes are often ignored for being small, but they are enough to welcome the small free guests inside your house. They are very much likely to come through kitchen and basin holes. So it is better to seal every crack at a sight so stop these unwanted guests coming at your house.

  • Windows and open doors

No one said your tiny roommates cannot come from the front door they are more likely to come from the front door than a window. Sometimes we forget to close the door and this marks the visit of rats and mice. They are quick at hiding and are easily able to hide under any bed and table. In this way, they successfully hide from our sites and make their own home there.

  • Sinkholes and bathtub drains 

Basin and sink often have lit to cover their hole and passage, in a long run these lids become weak and their cement also starts to fall off, this makes it very much easier to live. Due to this the mice when making their way to it, they easily live up the lid, then there is no additional support to stop them. The bathtub drain holes also have the same problem, the hole in the bathtub sometimes is left open and then this lets the rats and mice enter the house.

How to Stop Pests from Entering 

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  1. Do seal every corner which was open. So, you that is open and leads to a dirty end form the other side.
  2. Do not ignore small cracks, get every crack repaired, big or small does not matter, because keep in mind rodents has a very flexible body that is easier to get through every crack.
  3. Get the sink lid sealed. The best way to avoid the kitchen attack of rodents is to get the lid in the sink sealed. This will prevent the lid from moving and will stop the attack.
  4. Do not leave the doors and window open without any reason. The doors and window are also the entry gate for rodents, so if not needed close them and lock them perfectly.


The problem is not with the rodents coming inside houses, but the problem is with them spreading diseases, this thing causes a lot of health issues. Rats and mice are known to spread 30+ diseases, due to them being in dirty areas.

The entry of rodents can be stopped but to eliminate the problem from the root, try booking for a pest inspection service, this might be helpful for the long run. And so stop them from entering it is better to prepare a list and most of all. You can also try cages and mouse trap to catch them first hand. If going for cage use the better quality cage and if going for trap make sure it works with a test run. You can also make both of them at home as there is a lot of DIY mouse trap. In the end yes they are troublesome but they can be stopped with the right effort.

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