Top 10 Tips To Follow For Cleaners

To stay safe and stay healthy is one unwritten rule in everyone one’s life. But keeping things clean is not that easy, especially not for cleaners who have to take account of every corner for cleaning.

Sounds difficult right?

Well yes, it is indeed.

Littering around is easy especially when you are not the one taking in charge of cleaning, but the ones responsible knows the effort and the time.

So with respecting the effort and time of every cleaner out there, here are top ten clean tricks for cleaning. To minimize the effort of cleaners. These handpicked tips will help you maintain the pristine quality of work throughout.

Cleanliness is given very much important, especially at this time of the pandemic situation. And the reason? – Health factor

  • Health factor – The smallest ones are the most dangerous, we are talking about bacteria, viruses and germs, we cannot see them hence we never know from when and where they might enter. So, in this case, the best thing is to keep proper hygiene. This way the invisible virus and bacteria would get killed before harming the humans.

Well, health isn’t the only thing holding on to the importance of cleanliness, but it is the most important one for sure.

Top 10 Tips for Cleaners to Follow

So we know cleaning is important and we are thankful to all the cleaners around us, either domestic or professional. And we are here with the top 10 tips for cleaners.

Be well-equipped 

Nothing can be done without proper equipment, without proper tools. Hence it is very much important to keep your tools ready and use them at the right place. Like a broom for a floor is great but it cannot be used for cleaning glasses. So there you must have special equipment for cleaning the glasses. So you see how important it is to be well equipped.

Know your area

This might be very closely related to the first one, but to keep the tools ready you must know when and where you are going to work, in that case, it becomes easier to gather the right tools for cleaning. If you are going to work in a hallway the equipment would be different than what you will use at a washroom. Also, better analyze the area before working to know to understand the quality of work and time.

Use microfiber cloth 

Cleaning screen and surface with any regular cloth will end up putting a scratch on the surface and they are also not very good at cleaning with the first stroke. This is where the microfiber cloth helps, it is designed for cleaning screens and surface areas. It sort of attracts the dirt from the screen to cloth, it is great for cleaning walls, screens and another surface area.

Use strong but not very harsh cleaning chemicals

Detergent, soaps and penile is a good choice for cleaning, but it is better to make sure they are not very harsh. Using a very mild soap would take up a lot of time of the cleaner, while strong ones might corrode the surface. We want neither of those, so better to use the right amount of cleaning chemicals for it. Also, know the quantity, do not over pour and do not under pour either, keep things in the right balance.

Plan the target 

Keep one thing in mind every area needs different treatment and every treatment takes different time, so it is better to do proper planning before work. Try to divide work if working in groups and if going solo divide time. The time taken in every room varies a lot such as

  1. Bathroom – takes very much time.
  2. Bedroom- can be done in lesser time.
  3. Hallways- might require some extra efforts.

And, if going for a team in a public area send a bigger crew towards parks and overcrowded streets.

Safety comes first 

Doesn’t matter how much potential you might have but you cannot do greater good if you do not take care of your safety first. Wear mask and gloves and keep sanitizer with you. Do not try to touch public waste with hands, keep a trash picker with yourself and use that. These small things are very much important to keep you safe and secure.

Use liquid cleaners 

Try to avoid powder cleaners as they required a lot of water and cleaning that is also an extra task, instead use liquid cleaners. These are light and not messy and can cover up for large area without creating a great mess. Adding to that they just need to be sprayed and sprinkled so they don’t get exhausted easily.

Don’t forget the laundry

Cleaning floors and the surface is sure going to do 85% of the job but the rest needs to be covered as well. Wash bed sheets and curtains as well, they are the most visible to anyone and can ruin the effort of hours of cleaning with a single grain of dust. Try to separate them based on color and then put them for laundry, this will avoid the mixing of colors of the cloths.

Use Cleaning Equipment

Try to avoid manual hustle as much as you can so that you could save up some time. Try to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a regular broom and electric dishwasher instead of normal soap and water. Similarly, try to find a quick alternative of every work, this would end up in smart work and would save you a lot of time and effort.


Cleaning is not only the job of one rather, it is a group effort as a whole. It is the duty of every individual to keep the area clean, follow some simple steps to keep your waste to yourself. Remember every single effort counts for a cleaner environment.

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