How To Clean Your Home Faster

A clean house is the temple of health. Dirt and dust do not ruin the look of the house but also the health of its residents. Imagine living in a place every day, waking and going down in the same house, where you know you and your family are not the only ones. There reside multiple families of germs, viruses and bad bacteria.

How disturbing and troublesome fact would be that this will make every person get up and clean their houses right now, right?


Despite knowing these things a lot of us still do not get up to clean the houses of ours, why? The time and effort.

Cleaning takes a lot of time and effort of a person and results in exhaustion of the individual.The rushed fast life of today does not permit any sort of delay and extra time in any department be it household or anything. So here we are to minimize your effort and maximize your time with some tips and hacks to clean your house.

Clean your house faster and more efficiently

Tip 1: Gather everything at once

Every tool, liquid or chemical which you are going to use must be kept at one place. If you’re cleaning equipment is not in one place, chances of you wasting your time just to find them increases. This will take up the unnecessary time of yours while keeping everything at one place will eliminate the time you might spend searching for them. In other words it is a very basic rule yet overlooked.

Tip 2: Avoid mix and mess

Just try to classify every task, do not mix and mess up the work. By this we mean, if you are mopping the floor then do not start doing dishes with it, instead, mop every floor. In the same way, if doing some other task completed that first, this will avoid overlapping and most importantly this will also make everything organized and task done in an organized manner is always going to save a lot of time. Just do not overdo one task.

Tip 3:  Break the lap rule

Are you in the habit of doing cleaning work in laps? Such as dusting bedroom today and halls tomorrow? Then it’s the time to give up on that rule for two reasons
1. Tomorrow never comes.
2. By the time it will come to yesterday’s work will be due again.

Now try to understand this thing, imagine dusting shelves on day one and leaving other parts for day to only to find out that on day two the shelves need dusting again. Irritating isn’t it? Well, this kind of plan has more chance to backfire than to ever succeed. So it is better dropped.

Tip 4: Use The Latest Cleaning Tools

wachine machine

Cleaning has a wide bracket to explore the ideas of tech. Try to use them, try to use alternatives to every work. Use washing machines instead of manual cleaning, try to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom. These small things add a lot as a whole and will save up your time and effort. These electric cleaners are not only going to save your time but the work delivered by them is also pristine, they leave a very little room for mistake.

Tip 5: Soak the dishes

When trying to clean sticky marks on dishes, instead of rubbing, soak them in the water for a few minutes if extreme case soaks them for an hour, then try to clean them. The water will help the marks to loosen the grip and then it will come off easily. The same trick can be repeated for washing very dirty clothes, soak them in water for a few minutes then try to wash them, you will see the dirt in the water used for soaking it. This trick can work for multiple tasks.

Tip 6:  Avoid washing the floor, try sweeping or mopping it

If you are thinking to clean the floor, do not go and wash everything over, this will only add up to your work. If you throw water on the floor, this might take a lot of time to dry up, creating a never-ending loop of cleaning. So to avoid the situation go ahead and try mopping and sweeping instead. This will not only save up water but would also save you a lot of time, this will bear great results. And also mopping is more effective in cleaning the sticky dirt on the floor.

Also washing is not very much repeatable, you cannot just go ahead and wash your house down with furniture every day, while you can always sweep the floor without damaging any furniture and any mess, it is the proven solution for the floor.

Bonus tip– Try to avoid anyone stepping on the still-wet floor, wet floor attracts more dirt and will also leave marks on the floor.

So these were the 6 important and useful tips to clean your house faster and better, try to follow them up for better results.


These tips for a happier and healthier house is only useful if used correctly, the cleaner is the one who can bring life to these tips. A clean house will not only attract positive vibes, but will also help the house look beautiful and classy, because the end of the day everyone is going to admire the beauty of clean walls, and it is rather difficult to enjoy the site of walls covered in dust.

Your house is your temple, it keeps you save from any sort of damage and external forces, it is your duty to respect the house you live in and the best way to pay respect is by taking good and proper care of it. Even if you don’t have much time to give, do not avoid dusting, it hardly takes a few minutes. And for some other works, you might hire cleaners but do not avoid cleaning of your house at any cost. Because a home is where life starts.

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