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Keep your Garden Tools Clean

Christy Wilhelmi of Gardenerd shows you the simple and easy (and most efficient) way to clean your garden tools.

Natural Exfoliation Face Mask

Skin feeling a little out of wack? Need a little boost but don't want to put harsh and toxic chemicals on your face? Just look to the produce department at your local grocery store to mix up a great exfoliation mask for your face. Have fun!

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Organic Baby Paints

Just stumbled upon this adorable product to encourage your kiddies to be creative! It's edible finger paints made out of organic products - so your baby and toddler can create their very own masterpiece! The company is called Wee Can Too!

Food for the Body, Mind and Soul

Since the overall intention for creating this website over 5 years ago was to provide a resource for healthy living, I am thrilled to share with you a book that has recently been published, Confessions of a Therapist, written by Isaiah McGee. It is a beautifully written and incredibly insightful book.

Post-Reno Cleanup by EcoLiving

Renovating or thinking about starting a job? Good to article that highlights the importance of what to do with the waste and how to clean-up to reduce toxins in your home once the main job is done.

Slugs Love Beer!

Christy, aka "The Garden Nerd," recently recommended that I put a container in the ground next to my slug-invested strawberry plants and fill it with beer. Oh boy did it work!!